We started off lashing over 7 years ago, before it became one of the fastest, most requested service in the beauty industry like it is today. We certainly learned a lot along the way.

And because of that, we developed a passion and desire to raise the knowledge and training for the lash extension industry. So our team put our experiences together to create some of the best training courses to provide students with everything they truly needed to know to become a successful Lash Artist. Simply put.

We designed all of our courses to be easy to learn and follow along, but loaded with lots of hands-on practice and more importantly fun!

Our courses are open to beauty professionals who want to start (or improve) their lash extension career, skill set and/or business.


So Why Choose Us?

We promise you're in for a real first class training experience by choosing us.

• We can handle any class size as we have a team of amazing educators that are comfortable and experienced facilitating large or small group sizes. We also have plenty of educators at each class to ensure that you get lots of one-on-one coaching throughout your class time with us.

• We cover it all - seriously! We maximize every minute of class and provide the most in-depth, effective training that will touch on all areas of lashing including technical application and business building skills. You will leave class ready to jump start your career as a Lash Artist and be on your way to becoming a highly sought after pro!

• We're here to support you all the way. Becoming a professional Lash Artist takes practice and guidance to excel and we're always here to help. Whether you want additional coaching or feedback for improvement, assistance on how to build your lash business or need additional technical tips & tricks; we got you! We're available via phone, text, SKYPE, FaceTime, Private Groups, email, refresher courses...you name it, we'll make it happen.

• We include FREE, Unlimited, Life-Time refresher courses with all of our courses. What does that mean? It means that once you take a class with us, you can take that same course over and over again at any of our locations, as many times as you want, and NEVER pay a penny more. We want you to get the best and most return out of your investment. And with the ever changing lashing industry, we want you to stay on top of the products and techniques which is why we encourage you to take advantage of our offer.

We feel passionate about the success of our students and do our up-most to provide you with the most thorough, professional standard of training the lashing industry has to offer.


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