There can be several reasons why someone may not be selected as a Dulce Lash Artistry Education Partner. Our team reviews the combination of an applicant’s skills, training, and personal qualities. Here are some common reasons why someone may not be selected:

  1. Lack of Experience: Lash education typically requires a significant amount of experience as a Lash Artist. If someone has limited experience or has not demonstrated expertise in the field, they may not be considered qualified to educate others.
  2. Incomplete Certification: If you have not completed the Dulce Lash Artistry Classic Lash Course to become certified at the minimum.
  3. Inadequate Skill Level: Being a skilled Lash Artist is not the only requirement for becoming an educator. Education Partners must have a deep understanding of lash techniques, safety, hygiene, and the ability to effectively teach and communicate these skills to others.
  4. Poor Communication Skills: Effective communication is essential for teaching. If someone struggles to explain concepts, demonstrate techniques, or provide clear instructions, they may not be selected as an educator.
  5. Inability to Adapt: Lash educators often need to adapt to different learning styles and needs of their students. If someone is inflexible or unable to tailor their teaching methods to individual students, they may not be chosen as an Education Partner.
  6. Ethical or Professional Issues: Demonstrating professionalism, integrity, and ethical behavior is crucial for our Education Partners. If someone has a history of ethical or professional issues in the industry, it may disqualify them from becoming an Education Partner.
  7. Lack of Business Acumen: Lash educators may also need to provide guidance on starting and running a lash business. If someone lacks business knowledge and experience, they may not meet the requirements for educating in this area.
  8. Poor Reviews or Reputation: Negative reviews from clients or a poor reputation within the industry can also affect someone's chances of becoming an educator.
  9. Market: In some cases, our market may already have a saturation of Education Partners within a specific city or state. Consequently, we are presently not accepting new applications in those areas.

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